Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Web Services

Web services?? Don't get confused..You heard me right! Double whammy for all you complete internet addicts! Netbeans allows access to API documentation of various web applications! Now,thats something new!! Firstly,what is API?? Firstly, API stands for Application Programming Interface and it implies to the source code interface your operating system provides when requests are made by computer programs. To notice this,switch on your internet and open netbeans 6.1. After this,you get an option called "services" at the left side of your screen on which you will have to click. After doing so,you will get a screen as shown below.

Right-click on the tab at facebook and click on "view API documentation". Why am I choosing facebook to explain my point? Well,today is the age of social networking and the chances that a person knows facebook is higher than the person knowing anything else!! So, your facebook application also makes method calls over the internet by sending HTTP requests to the facebook API server. This part of the option of netbeans is best learnt when the YOU choose to explore it! Like the tag line of netbeans 6.1 says..."the only IDE you need!!" Its open source! So guys,get started if you still haven't!!

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