Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Need for Netbeans

Why is netbeans necessary??

"Necessity is the mother of all inventions", goes the old saying. Well my dear friend,its the same case here also. Although Java has become inseparably linked with the Internet, it is important to realise that java is first and foremost a programming language. Let us just take a ride down the history lane and look at the development of programming languages. We all know that it was C which first got the status of a "programmer's language". C was developed from 'B' and this fact is well known. However, C++ was also in the coming and it came! Why did this happen? Did the arrival of C++ prove C to be an incompetent language?

NO! As the complexity and demand grew, so did all the computer languages. So after C and C++, the stage was set for Java!! After installing jdk and jre, one can execute java applications at the command prompt. In this feature, it is important for the programmer to remember all commands and recollect them at the appropriate time. Isn't this all a little tedious? Don't we like everything at the click of a button? We always aim for more compact and steady platforms! Many paradigms of view.. god o god!

And all this brings us to confluence of IDE and java applications onto a single platform.. NETBEANS IDE!!! :D I know I seemed like it was the most obvious thing.. ha ha.. Well well,I just saved you a lot of work which would have taken you a lot of time to figure out.. All my blog readers.. consider yourselves blessed!! :D

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