Saturday, April 12, 2008

Have Fun

If you are a beginner and just want to admire netbeans, I suggest you to have an overview of all the sample projects present in netbeans. Trust me,you are going to completely enjoy it. Moreover,this is the perfect way to get a trip of the platform. The one which I enjoyed most was the paint application. To view this, click on files->new project. In categories click on samples->Netbeans modules. Here, choose the paint app and click on finish.This is set as the main project. Build this project by clicking F11 and to run the program,click on F6. Then during run time,the first picture that pops up is as shown below.

After this,you can paint on the screen as shown below. To view the white sheet,click on file-> new canvas. Finally,you can play around with colours and have fun!

Similarly as shown,you can download many more loaded sample programs and have fun with them. In C applications,you have two loaded programs.
i) sample C application which prints the arguments.
ii) application which reads an input string through standard inout and prints it through standard output.
C++ applications also are two in number which includes
i) program which prints the welcome message.
ii) a multi processing application.

Like this,you have many applications. The others include the mobile application in mobility using game builder and many more applications in ruby,UML etc.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Keyboard Shortcuts

I have been working on netbeans for quite some time now and I realised that there were still so many avenues that I am yet to explore,so many barriers that I need to cross. Thats one of the main advantages of blogging. Its you and your journey in that platform(which is netbeans in my case). No horrid lectures,no boring classrooms,nothing! Its all about feeling like a discoverer and actually being one!

I have been harping on netbeans making life simple in a few of my previous posts. And I have been giving a lot of keyboard shortcuts in my previous posts which were actually pretty obvious. You can realise this if you had just opened netbeans once. But today,I came across a feature that ACTUALLY gave me a wide grin. Forget API,web services, GUI and all that! One can set their own keyboard shortcuts! I don't know about you but for someone like me who is pathetic in remembering shortcuts,this was such a pleasant idea. It was like finding an old friend in an isolated island! :)

To do this,click on tools->options and then select keymap. Then,you will get a list of actions for which you can add shortcuts. You can choose one action. For example,I choose to add a shortcut for obtaining the contents of the help menu. Observe the screenshot below.

To add, choose the action and click on add. Then you get another window as shown.

After doing this,click on OK and your new keyboard shortcut is set. Apart from setting new shortcuts,you can even change the existing ones. This and much much more!!